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From smartphones to social media sites, online shopping to electronic medical records, modern technology is creating mountains of valuable information. When filtered through powerful computer algorithms, these digital bits shape our world. Thanks to Big Data, online dating sites can better match prospective mates. Government agencies can more easily catch tax cheats. USC computer scientists, electrical engineers and other researchers are at the vanguard of this technological revolution. What makes basketball teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder so successful? Take great players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, smart coaching and passionate fans—and add a dash of computer science. Rajiv Maheswaran and Yu-Han Chang have spent the past two years analyzing data captured by video cameras mounted high in the rafters of several NBA arenas to unlock the mysteries of what constitutes good offense and defense.

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The safety of park visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners is critical to us. Masks, face shields or other face coverings are currently required statewide in Oregon for indoor public spaces —this includes park stores, visitor centers and multi-stall restrooms. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting facilities, posted signage to promoting safety measures and requirements, and cancelled all events and in-person educational programs.

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This settlement, dated ca. The date of its destruction has been a hotly debated subject. Blegen began by arguing for a date of ca. Nylander has argued for a date as low as B. Podzuweit has advocated an even lower date. Later Greeks dated the Trojan War as follows: B. Troy VIIa perished in a general conflagration which destroyed both the buildings within the citadel and those outside. The collapsed fortifications of Troy VI were reconstructed. In the area of the east gate VI S between Sections 2 and 3, a southern extension added to Section 2 made the approach to this gate more difficult for attackers.

The masonry of this addition, much less regular than that characteristic of the fortifications of Troy VI, utilized many of the fallen blocks from the walls of Troy VI.


A total of malicious files were detected for mobile devices. In of them the name Tinder was used, and in — Badoo. So, one of the applications, which at first glance looks like Tinder, is actually a banking trojan that constantly requires the user to provide extended rights to the Google Accessibility Service, a service designed to facilitate the use of applications by people with disabilities. After obtaining these rights, the malware independently issues all the permissions necessary to steal money.

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Despite assumptions to the contrary, archaeological work of the new Troy project has not been performed for the purpose of understanding Homer’s Iliad or the Trojan War. For the past 16 years, more than scholars, scientists, and technicians from nearly 20 countries have been collaborating on the excavations at the site in northwestern Turkey that began as an Early Bronze Age citadel in the third millennium B.

However, as current director of the excavations, I am continually asked if Homer’s Trojan War really happened. Troy appears to have been destroyed around B. There is evidence of a conflagration, some skeletons, and heaps of sling bullets. People who have successfully defended their city would have gathered their sling bullets and put them away for another event, but a victorious conqueror would have done nothing with them. But this does not mean that the conflict was the war–even though ancient tradition usually places it around this time.

After a transitional period of a few decades, a new population from the eastern Balkans or the northwestern Black Sea region evidently settled in the ruins of what was probably a much weakened city.

Building a strong campus community by fighting hunger.

I was in my senior year at USC. We planned to get engaged the following summer, but I was already pining away. I decided to miss a few days of classes so I could fly back and see him. He seemed a bit distant, which made me feel insecure about our once-solid relationship. He helped me catch up on the classwork I missed. As we talked, I felt a connection.

Welcome to the Trojan Food Pantry! A recent survey of the UA Little Rock community found that more than 50 percent of our students and staff experience food.

Trojan Battery provides answers to commonly asked questions. Please review this list to see if there is an answer to your question. Looking for additional information, contact Tech Support. How can I tell if a flooded battery is bad? To determine if the battery in a system is experiencing a problem, disconnect all electrical loads, fully charge the batteries then disconnect all charging sources. Allow each battery in the system to stand on open-circuit for about one hour.

Measure the voltage of each battery. If the battery voltage spread exceeds.

Trojan Horse

Inside Bovard Auditorium — person capacity, not a bad seat in the house. Currently, the University is not allowing events on campus. All public and private gatherings of any number of people are prohibited. We have a few new policies that we would like for you to be aware of.

Virginia Cavaliers Official Athletic Site. Trojan Invite. Date. Fri, Oct. 4 (). Time​. All Day. Location. Los Angeles, CA. Status. Away.

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At-Scale Detection of Hardware Trojans on Chip Circuits

A viral Instagram trend from , bestnine, has been revealed as a trojan horse for a new dating site which launched with , inaugural members culled from the 15 million Instagrammers who took part in the trend. Over the dying days of last year, the hashtag took off on the site, with users entering their username into bestnine. Nonetheless, according to Buzzfeed News , , people signed up to Nine.

To determine the date of manufacture, refer to the date code on the negative may require the assistance of a knowledgeable battery sales/service technician.

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In modern scholarly nomenclature, the Ridge of Troy including Hisarlik borders the Plain of Troy, flat agricultural land, which conducts the lower Scamander River to the strait. Troy was the setting of the Trojan War described in the Greek Epic Cycle , in particular in the Iliad , one of the two epic poems attributed to Homer. According to archaeologist Manfred Korfmann , Troy’s location near the Aegean Sea , as well as the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea , made it a hub for military activities and trade, and the chief site of a culture that Korfmann calls the “Maritime Troja Culture”, which extended over the region between these seas.

(Don’t use the above link) Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) is an organization under the Depending on the site she is placed at, a student might gain hands-​on.

It may very well end up being three commitments for USC football this week. There he had 17 catches for yards and two touchdowns in However, he missed the season because of a knee injury. The Sports Crystal Ball points overwhelmingly towards the Trojans. The Sports composite rates McRee as the st player in the class. He slots in 18th among tight ends and 62nd in the state of Texas. He has the length to compete at the position with the frame to build on. That will leave three tight ends on the roster.

Ethan Rae and Jude Wolfe, both redshirt freshmen, joined up in the class of Jack Yary, the son of Trojan legend Ron Yary, will arrive ahead of this season.

USC football recruiting: Trojan TE target sets commitment date for Friday

A Trojan, or Trojan horse, is a type of malware that conceals its true content to fool a user into thinking it’s a harmless file. Like the wooden horse used to sack Troy, the “payload” carried by a Trojan is unknown to the user, but it can act as a delivery vehicle for a variety of threats. Because Trojans are used as a delivery device for a number of different types of malware, if you suspect your device may have been breached by a Trojan, you should look for many of the same telltale signs of malicious software.

These may include:. Poor device performance- Is your computer or mobile device running slowly or crashing more frequently than normal?

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Around May ThreatFabric analysts have uncovered a new strain of banking malware dubbed BlackRock that looked pretty familiar. After investigation, it became clear that this newcomer is derived from the code of the Xerxes banking malware, which itself is a strain of the LokiBot Android banking Trojan. The source code of the Xerxes malware was made public by its author around May , which means that it is accessible to any threat actor.

When source code of malware is leaked or made publicly accessible it is pretty common to see the threat landscape being supplemented with new malware variants or families based on the said code. We have observed similar events in the past, as for example the infamous Bankbot Trojan code made available by its author, leading to new Trojans like CometBot, Razdel and Anubis.

When Anubis itself was leaked the actor s behind the Ginp Trojan reused small portions of its code. However, when Xerxes’ source code was leaked, no new malware based on, or using portions of, such code was observed. BlackRock seems to be the only Android banking Trojan based on the source code of the Trojan at the moment.

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